6 Simple Home Improvement Tips for the DIY Homeowner

The McKinney Handyman suggests easy home repair tips for the DIY homeowner.

Plumbing – fix a leaky copper pipe:  A product designed for the DIY plumber called Sharkbite Fittings will help repair damage or leaky pipes by “clicking and fitting.” It’s as easy as playing with Lego blocks and won’t cost a fortune.

Fix a door that sticks:  Worn screw holes at the hinges can create a problem with doors becoming misaligned.  This is an old carpenter’s trick that works real well; remove the hinges and fill the holes with toothpicks and wood glue. Let the glue to dry overnight, leaving the toothpicks sticking out, then cut them off the next day.  Next, predrill a hole if necessary, screw the hinges back in place and your door hinge will be as tight as new. This process also works with cabinet knobs.

Fixing the squeaky floor under the carpet:  One product called "Squeeeeek No More" can take care of the problem.  The screw is inserted through the carpet and the floor boards by using this product and a drill. The screw tightens the floor board(s) and the joist together, eliminating the squeak. The screw head is then removed below the rug, leaving no trace of the screw or the repair.

Finding a stud behind the wall:  A stud finder is a handy tool for locating a stud behind drywall; but, many people do not own one or wish to spend the money on something they will not use often.  Believe it or not an electric razor will do the trick.  Just run it across the wall while it is running. Listen for the change in tone and you will have found the stud!

Unclogging a drain:  Pour a few ounces of baking soda down the drain then add a few ounces of vinegar.  When the foaming and sizzling actions stops, follow with steaming hot water.

Fixing a toilet that runs continuously:  Adjust the flapper so it seals properly by bending down the rod which is connected to the handle.  If this doesn’t work, then the flapper is likely worn and should be replaced.  Turn off the water at the shut off valve, flush the toilet to empty the tank then replace the rubber flapper.  

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